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Smart business presenters understand the need for using charts to tell stories to sell their ideas. Yet, most business presenters have a hard time transforming their data into simple, attractive charts. For years, I wondered why there was no book to satisfy this important need. The search is over. Here’s finally that book. Any professional can use it to improve their presentations.

F. Y. Lu

General Manager, Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan

If your challenge is figuring out how to deliver data simply, clearly, and beautifully, then this book gives you what you need. It shows you how to deliver the meaning behind your data by transforming it into simple, clear, elegant charts. Strongly recommended.

Rita Hsu

Chairperson, Allianz Global Investors Taiwan

Like creating scrumptious dishes from various ingredients, generating impactful charts from raw data is an art. Having this book available at your fingertips will quickly make you an artist. Your audiences will not only be impressed with your presentation, but they will retain the message through the visual brilliance you create. Make yourself the proud owner of this book!

Andrea Wu

President, American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

There are many books written on presentation skills but I have yet to find a book specializing in how to use charts in a way that is so user-friendly and helpful as this book.

Derek Yung

Chairman, AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan

Visualize eight types of charts

The book contains a library of archetypes for each of the eight types of chart and when to use them, and over 150 before-and-after examples of real business cases that show how to design each chart.

pie chart

Pie charts

area charts

Area charts

Column charts

radar chart

Radar charts

Bar charts

scatter chart

Scatter charts

line chart

Line charts

bubble chart

Bubble charts

Using the same, simple four-step process

all charts were created in Excel and PowerPoint.
Learn how to save time and create consistently elegant charts.